Average Harvest for Dipnet Fishery

The Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery closed at 11:59pm last night. We spoke to Robert Begich, Sport Fisheries Biologist with the Soldotna office of Fish and Game about how the fishing this year at the fishery…


Begich: “The dipnet fishery was interesting this year, in respect to how the sockeye came into the river.

The Division of Commercial Fisheries is projecting that the sockeye run was up to six-days early, therefore, a lot of people missed the fish. The week of the 13th to the 19th, that was when a lot of fish were hitting the river, then when we get into our traditional  kind of our bread and butter time of it being after the 20th, say the 20th to 25th, fishing was fair to mediocre, not great fishing.  


Begich did say that the local fishery did bring a lot of people to the area, and the department is expecting an average to above average harvest.

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