August 7th, 2012

Think About It………                                                                          August 7, 2012

Well, our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly has once again decided to arbitrarily force their will on us peons who placed them in office.  At the urging of radicals who control the Kenai River Center the Assembly bowed to them and passed their extremely controversial Ordinance that adversely affects many Peninsula land owners.

This complicated measure obviously designed and created by The River Center is called the Anadromous Streams Habitat Protection Ordinance.

That title certainly sounds like something, of which, most everyone in the Borough would be in favor;   the protection of our fish. After all, we moved here because we love the beauty of the Peninsula and especially the fishing opportunities. Habitat Protection makes good sense to everyone.

It is the way the Kenai River Center through the Borough Assembly went about creating and passing this controversial measure that is causing the problem. 

In trying to protect our fish, the Assembly authorized the taking of 50 feet of most every riverfront, lake shore and stream bed located in the Borough. The Ordinance was poorly reasoned and inconsiderate of property owners and Peninsula residents.  With the passage of this Ordinance property owners immediately had their land devalued and faced bureaucracy and red tape at its very worst.  Some lakes and streams should not even be included.

One would think that all property owners to be affected by the Ordinance would have been notified and advised about the ramifications. Such was not the case.  It’s no wonder affected property owners across the Borough are “up in arms”.

This Anadromous streams ordinance is very detailed, very complicated, and sets all new parameters and rigorous demands on land owners Borough-wide. Then, it appears the Assembly has never addressed the issue of just how this most demanding Ordinance would be enforced by a second class Borough, and even if they could come up with legal enforcement, the costs would definitely stretch the Borough budget each year.  Cities would also have to meet its stringent requirements on land they own.

Now, cities and other land owners are threatening class action law suits which will cost the Borough treasury even if the Borough wins.  The Borough Administration is already considering answering these threats with waivers which will mean unequal application of the law and fail to meet the objectives of the controversial Ordinance.

The Assembly needs to repeal the Ordinance and start over.  Hopefully, this time working with individuals, land owners and various groups rather than just doing the will of the radical leadership of the Kenai River Center. Delaying implementation of the Ordinance by Borough Mayor Navarre is not enough to quiet the silent rebellion that is now going on across the Kenai Peninsula.

Urging your Borough Assemblyman to Repeal the Anadromous Streams Habitat Protection Ordinance and to start over would be a good first step.

Think About it!       JCD    8-8-12

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