August 21st, 2013

Think About It…….                                                                                    August 21, 2013

Everyone knows that our moose population in Game Management Unit 15A is very low. There are less moose on the Kenai Peninsula than there have ever been for many decades. Finally, the ADF&G has decided to do something about it. The Alaska Board of Game has directed the department to use every means at their disposal to rebuild moose populations.

They acknowledge, right off the bat, that cooperation of land owners in GMU 15A is an absolute must. So, who are these land owners?? Basically we are talking about the Federal Government again and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge as well as a small amount of land owned by the Kenai Natives Association and very few acres controlled by private individuals.

The Kenai natives have already cooperated with ADF&G to create moose browse on their land, and that’s great. But how can the ADF&G get access for their moose enhancement plans from the National Wildlife Refuge who own and control almost all of the thousands of acres involved.

They can’t! That is the plain and simple truth. The gigantic federal bureaucracy has their own plan and from it they will not budge. The ADF&G can bang their heads against that wall as hard as they want, but the Feds won’t even notice.

–They will not allow controlled burns of their mature spruce forests to create moose browse.

–They will not allow mechanical clearing of mature forest areas to create moose browse.

–They will not allow aerial wolf shooting for moose predator control.

–They will not allow a professional trapper to implement ground-based wolf removal operations.

The fact is: The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge could not care less about rebuilding moose population on all the land they own, control and manage. They will remind the ADF&G that their land is no longer the Kenai National Moose Range, as it once was!

So, good luck to the State Game Department and we wish them well in their well-intended efforts to rebuild our Kenai Peninsula Moose Populations. But if you are waiting for them to succeed with out any access at all to the thousands of acres owned, controlled and managed by the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge…..don’t hold your breath.

And for the ADF&G please use hunters, trappers and aerial control by any and all pilots on the small 83 thousand acres to which you do have access. Please do not limit the number of private pilots and planes to only a few hand-picked individuals.

And under no circumstances will you allow department staff to gun down wolves from helicopters or airplanes. If you ever do…..Alaskans must scream to high heaven and removal of the Governor and all his appointed minions from the Board of Game will be the goal of choice.

Think About It!    John C. Davis

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