August 1st, 2012

Think About It……                                                                                     August 1, 2012

Have you noticed that our summers on the Kenai seem to go faster and faster every year?  Our summer days are long, our nights non-existent or very short, so one would think that summers would seem to go slow. Yeah right!

It must be because we have so much to get done and we seem to never slow down….we’ve gotta go, go, go.  Catch those fish and put them up.  Harvest our crops in the garden.  Bar-B-Ques, summer parties, entertain relatives and friends from outside, building and remodeling projects, and a jillion other things. Run, run, run. No wonder our summers on the Kenai seem to go so fast.

Sometimes, we need to slow down and “smell the roses” and take time to relax. It’s hard to do but it is healthy and refreshing when we stop and put our minds and legs to rest.

Our Kenai Peninsula is one of a kind….a truly great place to live and all we have to do is slow down, stop and think about this special place we love. When we do it’s very easy to see why people all over the world want to come and enjoy the Kenai Peninsula themselves. And it’s no wonder every year many of them stay, just like we all did at one time. Staying because our Kenai Peninsula is simply one of the best places in the world to live, raise and enjoy our families.

It’s the little things that make a really great community and an enjoyable place to live.

This summer one of the things that really stand out is the beautification projects in both cities, Kenai and Soldotna. On that note, one of the things you’ll want to enjoy is the flowers. And if you haven’t had a chance to visit the Kenai Airport, you should really make it a point to do so. Those big flower pots are all over town but the display of flowers at the Kenai Airport is simply outstanding. What a beautiful statement to make to all our visitors.

Speaking of flowers… special koo-doos to Soldotna for their downtown perennial flower garden.  It’s right next to the spacious grassy riverside city park. The effort it takes to keep all those flowers beautiful all summer long is much appreciated.

One of the outstanding places on the Peninsula is the Soldotna airport itself. The next time you  have the opportunity to land or take off from Soldotna airport, this summer, you’ll see for yourself.  Acres and acres of green grass surrounding a wide accommodating runway and taxiways makes the airport one of our crown jewels of the Peninsula.  The Kenai airport is the air commuter hub of commerce but Soldotna is our beautiful center of small aircraft activity, and best of all there is no FAA Control Tower at Soldotna. No wonder pilots and aircraft owners love it.

Take time to slow down this summer and enjoy the little things that make our Kenai Peninsula so great.  You’ll realize once again why you chose to live in this Alaska paradise we call home and why we would never want to call any other place home.

Think About It!     JCD    8-1-12



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