August 14th, 2013

Think About It……                                                             August 14, 2013

This week we learned about a pending (and galling) extra-constitutional maneuver seeking to exempt members of Congress from Obamacare … because, after all, why should our elected representatives live under the same laws they pass for the rest of the country?

The hideous health care law that was rammed down our throats on Christmas Eve 2009, in practice, means that about 11,000 members and congressional staff are set to lose the generous health coverage they now have as part of their federal benefits program.

Instead, they would be forced to receive the lower-quality health coverage of the Obamacare exchanges. And because members of Congress and many of their aides don’t qualify for Obamacare subsidies, that means the politicians and their help will have to pay thousands of dollars a year in extra insurance costs.

Fear not for the aristocracy, my friends. The Obama administration is once again prepared to skirt the Constitution by effectively rewriting a ratified law to create a special Obamacare reimbursement for the privileged class, formerly known as civil servants. Mind you, Obama has no authority to do so, just as he didn’t have authority to unilaterally push back the effective date of the Obamacare employer mandate. But what’s a little tyranny among friends?

One thing is for sure: Members of Congress, Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans controlling the House, will never extend to ordinary Americans the same reimbursements that they may now be receiving themselves. So, it appears that disgraced former Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards was actually on to something when he spoke so often about the class-dividing existence of “two Americas.”

Yet the real class divide in the Age of Obama isn’t between the rich and the poor. It’s between the political class and the rest of us. I mean, you really didn’t expect members of Congress to pay the same inflated premiums brought on by Obamacare, did you? Those are for serfs like you to pay. And make sure you do, or else you’ll find IRS enforcement agents at your door … who, by the way, are also asking for an Obamacare waiver.

Think About It!      John C. Davis   8-14-13

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