ATV Beach Speeds Left As Recommendations

A seasonal ATV speed limit will not be enforced on Kenai beaches, after the City Council voted down an ordinance this week. Council Member Brian Gabriel voted against the April-September limit of 20mph….


Cm. Gabriel: “That certainly needs to be addressed. There were some residents that were concerned about the speeds of people operating down on the beach, and I know there are some folks down there with their families and use that north part of the beach, and they were concerned about the safety there. So, it’s difficult to enforce, but I think we tried to do it to address [the problem] and see what happens in the near future, and if we need to take further action.”


Gabriel said he’d be watching the public response to signs recently posted, encouraging riders to travel 25mph. If that fails to improve safety, Gabriel said they’ll look at further action.


As it stands, Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl said existing laws will still be enforced, like the 10mph speed limit while drivers are in close proximity to other people. Sandahl confirmed the 25mph advisory limit is not enforced.

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