AST Releases Drug Charge Record

The Alaska State Troopers have released numbers for 2012, showing the number of drug-related charges on the Kenai Peninsula. Marijuana tops the list, with 231 total charges, the vast majority for possession.


Methamphetamine possession was also high, with records showing 41 charges for possession and 6 for distribution.


We’ve previously reported that heroin was a growing concern for Soldotna Police Chief Peter Mlynarik…


Chief Mlynarik: “I think they’ve made it a little bit harder to get prescription drugs, and so I think people, users, tend to gravitate towards whatever’s easiest. That’s probably one of the reasons [for the increase].”


And true to Chief Mlynarik’s comments, the opioid shows similar numbers to pharmaceuticals; heroin showed 20 charges for possession and one charge for distribution, while pharmaceuticals recorded 25 for possession and 2 for distributions.


Cocaine was a relatively minor factor in AST Peninsula drug charges last year, with three charges for possession and one for distribution.


The full list of charges included:



cultivation           11

distribution         9

possession          211



distribution         6

possession          41



distribution         1

possession          20



distribution         1

possession          3



distribution         2

possession          25

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