Assistance Center, Phone Line Coming for Flooding Victims

As promised, the State is setting up a Disaster Assistance Center and a phone line for victims of recent flooding. That number has not yet been provided to the KSRM News Department.


The center will be open December 5 – 8 at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management on Wilson St, behind the Wells Fargo building in Soldotna.


Online and telephonic registration will be available the week of December 2.


It’s been widely reported that this program will provide reimbursements for those who suffered property loss during the floods, but that doesn’t covr the groundwater issues seen on K-Beach.


Zeremy Zidek with the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management…


Zidek: “Disaster statutes have to have an event that has caused that damage to people’s homes, and that has to have a specific time period. The groundwater issues that have existed there for some time do not fall under that specific time period. Now, we are going to go down, we encourage everyone with damage to fill out an application. We’ll look at each of the damaged homes and evaluate them on a case by case basis and work to find damage from the flood if that’s what was the case.”


Zidek said their assessors would do what they can to determine if any damage was caused by storms and provide assistance for those repairs.


For more, visit the Borough’s website.

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