Assembly Postpones Action on Term Limit Repeal

During their meeting last week, the members of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly postponed an ordinance to repeal the term limits that are in place for members of the local legislative body.

This ordinance was sponsored by Assembly member Hal Smalley of Kenai…


Asm. Smalley(Kenai): “The process that this ordinance is speaking to, is the Kenai Peninsula Borough Code 22.30.030 which our body made modifications to from the initiative that passed, so the language that’s in code is what this body did. So it is about process, that’s why I think it belongs to this body. Let’s see, comments like, they’ll only support actions that get them elected, we’ll I’ll tell you, this particular action and the one preceding this [Anadromous streams vote] are necessarily big election getters.  I’m not concerned about that, If I were to run again, and I haven’t made that decision, I don’t care about getting elected or not, if people want to support me they will, if they don’t they won’t. Que sera, you know, get on with life.”


The assembly moved to postpone a vote on this matter to their meeting scheduled for August 6th.

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