Assembly Members Discuss Upcoming Elections,

Clam Gulch Borough Assembly member Brent Johnson said he won’t be applying for the Alaska Board of Fisheries, since he’s committed to running for his assembly seat again. We asked Johnson if he thinks his position in favor of the anadromous streams ordinance will influence voters…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “Certainly have had my share of critics, but at the same time, I think there’s a number of people out there that think I’m doing a good job, and I think I’m doing a good job. So, I think I’ll give it another go, and people can always go and vote either for me or against me, and I’ll be happy to accept the voter’s wishes either way.”


The anadromous streams ordinance is up for public hearing on June 18. We asked Johnson what he expects to see…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “A lot of people from both sides testify, and we’ll probably hear a lot of the same things we’ve been hearing.”

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