Assembly Member Attempting Repeal of Term Limits Once Again

An ordinance up for introduction tonight by the Borough assembly is seeking to remove the term limits that are in place for members of the assembly.

The ordinance was sponsored by Assembly member Hal Smalley of Kenai, according to Smalley, since 2007 assembly members have been limited to serving two consecutive terms in office, and a break in service of at least 180-days is required before additional terms may be served.

Smalley said in a support memo that serving on the assembly involves a steep learning curve. As a result of term limits the borough citizens have lost the background, training, and experience of numerous people who have served on the assembly. Furthermore, Smalley says that term limits deprive voters of the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

If introduced tonight, the assembly will hold a public hearing on this ordinance on July 2nd.

Smalley will be term limited out when his assembly term expires in 2014.

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