April 3, 2013

Think about it rebuttal:

In rebuttal to KSRM’s news commenter’s think about it message

Obviously my young Cheechako friend, I can see you have not been around the area long enough to understand, that many Alaskan’s feel strongly about private property rights, constitutional values and individual liberties and they are opposed to government overreach and un enforceable regulations.

Some of these strong willed people are the original homesteaders of the area and were instrumental in the early days of Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly.

While even some helped establish the original habitat anadramous ordinance KPB 21.18, due to concerns of the negative habitat impact and commercialization occurring along the Kenai River.

As a main arterial salmon producing tributary of upper Cook Inlet they understood its economic value and social importance to the Kenai Peninsula.

This concern peaked in 1995 after a major flood event put tons of debris into the River from property along the Kenai River; this is one of the things that lead to enactment of KPB 21.18 the Kenai River habitat ordinance.

So I ask have we seen a decrease of impact on the Kenai River? Not unless you can define “decrease” differently than how it is defined in the Webster dictionary?

My Friend my purpose for running for borough assembly office was because after eighteen years of restoring habitat in south central Alaska I questioned,  Why when all of agencies combined at the Kenai River Center cannot reduce negative impacts taking place on the  River?

Why does the Kenai River Center want to expand its authority across 2000 miles of secondary arterial anadramous systems only effecting private property?

Could it be to grow government? Could it be they want more control over private property rights? Please remember the KPB does not have policing authority so it cannot enforce zoning regulations.

Why does the Borough Assembly think that its Planning Dept has the silver bullet answer to declining salmon runs?  How are these unenforceable regulations going to be paid for? Whose going to enforce them? Could be an alliance with nonprofit?

You question the waste of time and money; I’m also concerned about the waste of funds and time in expanding an ordinance that the Borough does not have the authority or funds to enforce.

My question to you is naming a bridge more important than private property rights and zoning enforcement issues?

You also imply as to whether one persons campaign against this ordinance is a waste of time.

What can one person accomplish; My friend history shows that one man invented the light bulb, and one man led the charge up San Juan Hill.

It was ARMY Specialists Ross Mcginns who threw himself on a grenade in Iraq to save the lives of four of his buddies as he served to protect our freedoms that we sometimes forget. I contend one person can make a difference.

As a news commenter you call to question my involvement with the vocal group opposed KPB 2011-12 Habitat Anadramous Ordinance.  I contend they are paying attention.

Do not the 1600 individuals who signed the petition to repeal this ordinance deserve to have their voices heard? My election my platform was to repeal KPB 2011-12, I’m working towards the election platform.

As the elected official let me make it clear; I believe in our representative form of government and I’m unafraid to make a stand for our liberties against an tyrannous government and officials that arrogantly tell the public to PAY ATTENTION”   This is not a government of the people by the people for the people? “I’ll fight for to this to my last breath”.

My friend, one thing we do agree on, the Borough Mayor’s task force is not perfect. There are community individuals on the task force that have used their well earned education to openly snob other members of the task force and members of the public.

They place their preconceived opinions on the noses of any who disagrees with them through intimidation in what believe is unbecoming conduct of our representative form of government?

Do not the people of the Kenai Peninsula deserve better than this?

Think about it


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