Apache Corporation Recieves 2013 Chairman’s Stewardship Award

Apache Corporation has received the 2013 Chairman’s Stewardship Award from the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission for its use of wireless seismic technology in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.


Apache was nominated for the stewardship award by the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA).


The company’s submission was entitled “Using Wireless Technology to Overcome Environmental Challenges in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.” It won in the “small-independent” category.


We spoke to Lisa Parker with Apache Alaska Corp. for more details.


Parker: “Apache was honored by the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission last week for its environmental stewardship for the seismic work which we conducted in late 2011 into 2012 within the Cook Inlet. The technology that Apache has employed is a wireless technology which as minimal impact to the environment, it was for that that the commission recognized Apache.”


Parker said Apache is very thankful for this award.


Parker: “Apache is very honored for this recognition, protection of the environment and working in collaboration with our neighbors is the highest level for Apache. Without the blessing of our neighbors and without protecting the environment we’re not a good neighbor so it is our desire to be a good neighbor and to continue to operate within Cook Inlet.”


The company has worked with Alaska Native corporations and tribal councils as well as contractors, stakeholders and government agencies to minimize the impact on Cook Inlet Beluga whales and other marine mammals, including killer whales, harbor porpoises, Steller sea lions and harbor seals.

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