Anti-Plastic Bag Law Now in Effect in Homer

An ordinance enacted in August of this year in the City of Homer, vetoed by then Mayor Jim Hornaday which was voted down in September banning plastic shopping bags in the City of Homer became law yesterday.


In August, the Homer City Council on a vote of 4-2, voted to ban the disposable plastic bags, however, there will be exceptions, including bags for bulk nuts, grains, small hardware items and baked goods.

Then Mayor Hornaday vetoed that ordinance in September of last year, and the council overturned that veto again by a vote of 4-2.


We spoke to Homer City Manager Walt Wrede about concerns leading up to the ban…


Wrede: “Part of it is the landfill, to save space in the landfill, as you may know, Homer’s landfill is being closed, and we’re going end up trucking all our garbage up to Soldotna. There’s probably going to be a cost associated with trucking it, there’s a cost associated with filling up the Soldotna landfill. So there’s that, but there’s also the litter problem, you know these bags are frequently seen blowing all over town. Stuck in trees and fence posts and things like that.”


This ordinance will allow for businesses that have such bags to use their existing stock without facing the city’s $50 penalty associated with the new law.

The city of Homer isn’t the first to bring in a bag ban of this nature; Bethel and Hooper Bay have already introduced similar bans or taxes.


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