Another Three Troopers Assigned to Peninsula

We recently reported that three new Troopers will be making their way to the Peninsula next month, but Captain Andy Greenstreet at the Soldotna Post explained, those new recruits aren’t the additional enforcement promised by the Legislature…


Capt. Greenstreet: “The next three from the Legislature will be some time after this new fiscal year, so July 1. As you know, we’re getting three new recruits from the Academy. One is local, so he’s moving back home, which we’re encouraged to see. The other two are from Alaska, as well, so that definitely makes it nice for people that work here, that know the environment, know our winters and some of the unique circumstances of Alaska. As far as the three new PCNs or positions that we’re getting from the Legislature, I expect them to be some time within this next six to eight months we’ll be getting more information on when we can expect those.”


That will make a total of six new Troopers for the area over the next year.

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