Annual Alaska Miner’s Day Set For May

Local miners were “thrilled” to hear May 10 will officially be Alaska Miner’s Day every year, if the State House passes Senate Bill 1. Sponsored by Senator Cathy Giessel, SB1 was passed in the Senate yesterday. Jim Duffield, Chairman of the local chapter of the Alaska Miners Association, said the recognition preserves Alaska’s history.


Duffield: “It’s a really wonderful recognition of how Alaska was founded and the basis of the original economy and acknowledgement to move forward to something we can build on as a state and be proud of.”


Duffield also explained how SB2,¬†authorizing Alaska to join the Interstate Mining Compact Commission, will affect the industry…


Duffield: “That gives them more of a voice in Washington, to join with other states and address mining issues throughout the western states and across the whole country really, to battle some of the overreach by some of the regulatory agencies and address other issues and concerns as a group.”¬†


SB1 and SB2 now head to the House for further consideration.

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