Animal Control Advisory Vote Will To Be Seen on Ballot in October

At last week’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting, a resolution was passed for borough voters to decide whether to implement and fund limited animal control powers for animal rescue outside city limits.


Assembly member Sue McClure defined the resolution.


McClure: “Whether the borough should exercise and fund limited animal control powers for domestic animal rescue for the areas outside the cities, Mr. Johnson sponsored this it comes with a funding source, he has included a mill rate increase of .002 which is figured to account for the cost of this and this is being presented as a service to the rescue people that have been requesting such a thing in lieu of them having a petition to have this on the ballot so this would be putting an advisory vote on the ballot.”


The public testimony of residents mostly supporting the resolution took nearly an hour with many of them arguing the implementation of such a program would reduce monies spent on Troopers responding to animal abuse cases and increase the ability to respond to each case.


Assembly member Brent Johnson addressed the assembly as to why he felt this was important.


Johnson: “The reason that I brought this forward is because there is a group of people testifying to us, not just the ones who are here tonight but others over a period of some time, and they are concerned about abused animals and I wanted to help them, they were considering going to a petition which other people seem to think is the most appropriate way for this to happen so I thought gosh, what can I do to help these people, I can bring this forward myself, we have a rare opportunity to put something on the ballot.” 


The resolution to place the question before the voters passed 6 yes, 2 no, with assembly members Wayne Ogle and Kelly Wolf voting no.

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  1. Dorey Harman 8 July, 2014, 18:02

    Who would be the people enforcing any regulations? I can see where this can go wrong quickly if the wrong people are trying to enforce laws, or laws being implemented that can be abused by the wrong people to get revenge or as a power trip.

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