Anchorage State Rep. Asking FDA to Consider Recent “Frankenfish” Report

Wednesday, State Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) submitted a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking them to take into consideration a recently published study from McGill University that shows that genetically modified salmon are capable of breeding with wild fish.


Tarr said that the findings of this study are very concerning.  The study demonstrates proof of interbreeding with another species and highlights the potential for permanent, irreversible negative impacts to wild fish populations.


The findings also contradict statements made by AquaBounty that genetically modified salmon are sterile and cannot breed.


This study supports concerns shared by many Alaskans that not nearly enough research has been done to determine the potential ecological effects of GM salmon and the threat to wild Alaska salmon.


The study revealed hybridization between genetically modified Atlantic salmon and wild brown trout.  The study was published in late May and comes after the comment period regarding genetically modified salmon closed on April 26.

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