Anchorage Man Pays For Massive Dip Net Haul

Dip net fines continue to fill pages of Trooper reports. Two Anchorage residents had particualrly good luck this week, but both were slapped with $110 fines for failing to record their catches.


24-year-old Joshua Vo had more than 40 salmon he failed to log last Saturday, while 64-year-old Cleo Durr was found with 38. The increase in Wildlife Trooper enforcement has led to an uptick in the number of dip netting citations being handed out.


Wildlife Troopers were originally assigned to monitor the East Side Set Net Fishery, through money inserted in the capital budget by Mat-Su Senator Mike Dunleavy, but with only three openings for most of the fishery this year, Troopers have been patrolling other areas.

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