Anchor Point Woman Arrested for Texting While Driving

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 10:20 am

An Anchor Point woman was arrested for allegedly texting while driving last Thursday.


23-year-old Ruth Rodriquez was driving along the Sterling Highway when Troopers observed her vehicle cross the center line around mile 162. They stopped Rodriquez and found she was texting while driving. She was arrested for Driving with a Screen Device Operating and transported to the Homer Jail on $500 bail.

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9 Comments to “Anchor Point Woman Arrested for Texting While Driving”

  • Mike says:

    Well, it’s a start. Now let’s get the idiots with the illegally jacked up trucks with no flaps or flares, limo tinted windows and illegal after-market HID Headlights

  • Jay says:

    Way to go Mike……………but that is asking a lot of our Alaska Troopers…………after all, I think they have to work 37.5 hours a week…………how will they ever find time to enforce all those regs?

  • Jeff says:

    It’s about time they start catching these people doing this! I agree with Mike about the after-market HID headlights! They are a hazard when meeting them on the road. They have not been set right and glare right at you. If they are not set right they should get a ticket for that and have to make them right.

  • Good job. Hope to see more citations for texting. Seen a girl creating a traffic hazard in soldotna yesterday texting and then seen her in Fred Meyer texting up and down the aisles not looking where she was going.

  • Renee says:

    I know several AK State Troopers, and those folks work pretty hard and seem to care a lot about helping others and safety. I’m not sure of all the details here, and although it seems a bit harsh, maybe it saved this young lady’s life and possibly someone else’s. Makes me wonder a little bit what “driving w/a screen device operating” really means: iTunes playing through my car’s speakers, answering a cell phone call, speaking into it asking Siri to call someone for me???. Hmmm, wondering… Glad nobody was hurt or killed in the above story!

  • Jill says:

    Renee…………..Get a life!!! It means paying full attention to driving and driving a vehicle w/o all the illegal tinted windows and other violations that the Troopers up there just look the other way………..but they are very busy doing ????????????

  • Steve Wright says:

    Wed. 2/5/14 Proven Fact : Nothing changes the Bad Behavior of Alaska Drivers than the sight of a Alaska State Trooper Vehicle. HIRE more ALASKA STATE TROOPERS & ASSIGN THEM TO HIGHWAY PATROL !

  • Ed M says:

    Arrested for texting ….a bit much.. a moving violation is sufficient say $500.00 dollars. Arrest is overboard !!

  • Kenai Resident says:

    Ed, welcome to the real world, I don’t want some distracted driver killing me or my friends or family…I think $500 and arrest is a start. If she hadn’t of been going over the center line and was just caught texting, she might of just received a summons instead of arrested.

    Steve, there is a Bureau of Highway Patrol around here. Law Enforcement works very hard around these parts. In case you didn’t notice, they cover a pretty spread out unique juristiction. They could always use more Officers/Troopers. Law Enforcement can not be everywhere all the time. Maybe if more citizens stepped up and didn’t look the other way and reported stuff, things would be better. No excuse for looking away when you can even anonymous call or do a crime stoppers tip.

    Sorry to be so blunt. I am just sick of people making excuses or making statements because they are upset, no facts behind it. People need to take responsiblity.