Anchor Point Town Hall Draws Crowd

The Borough’s Anadromous Streams Task Force held their second in a series of town hall meetings last night in Anchor Point. We spoke to Borough Chief of Staff and Task Force facilitator Paul Ostrander…


Ostrander: “The attendance there was impressive, I think there were 50 to 60 folks, and again, there’s lot of opportunities for people testify and ask questions and raise concerns and opportunities for the task force members to listen to those concerns. So overall, I think overall it was good.”


During the first town hall meeting in Nikiski, the overwhelming opinion of those in attendance was calling for the outright repeal of the ordinance, we asked Ostrander if there were similar sentiments during last night’s meeting…


Ostrander: “It was. The majority of the people there were not supportive of the ordinance of the amendment . There was actually a good number of folks who traveled to Anchor Point from Nikiski, so we heard from some of the same folks that we heard from in Nikiski, during the previous town hall meeting in Nikiski who came down to Anchor Point. But there were a number of people from Homer and Anchor Point that showed up also, there were some folks who spoke in support of the amendment and the ordinance, but again, the majority of folks there were opposed to the ordinance.”


The next town hall meeting will be held on;

Tuesday, April 9, 2013  6:00 PM  Moose Pass Community Center

You can view the Task Force’s proposed amendments to KPB 21.18 HERE.

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