Anadromous Streams Ordinance Passes

Debate got personal last night as the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly took up the Anadromous Streams Ordinance for a vote. Members took aim at one another…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “Is that what you folks want? Knock yourself out. This is wrong. This is a bad law.

Asm. Smith(Homer): “To assert that I have a conflict, because of my duties here, I just think that that’s absurd to have that assertion

Assy. President Murphy(Soldotna): “Do you have five or six pages as well?”

The Department of Fish and Game…


Asm. Pierce(Sterling): “You talk about Fish & Game, they’re doing such a wonderful job, well I’ve got to tell you, I went clam digging this year, and I was embarrassed  I shouldn’t have been there. I should have put every one of them back.”


And voters…


Asm. McClure(Seward): “I’ve listened to the same people over and over and over and over say the same things and get pretty nasty and accusing of us, to us…”

Asm. Pierce(Sterling): “And start voicing your opinions more. Start participating more in your government, because if you stay at home and you stay on the couch and you ignore it, you get what you deserve.”


An attempt to postpone the Ordinance for more public hearing was met with a stalemate: only Members Wolf and Pierce were in favor. Making up for the absence of public testimony, members spent over an hour and a half adding their own take on the long-running issue.


And so…


Blankenship: “Vote is 6 yes, 3 no. The no votes were cast by Mr. Wolf, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Tauriainen.”


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