Anadromous Streams Ordinance Faces Final Debate

In one of our most-reported stories, the Borough’s anadromous streams habitat protection ordinance is up for a vote at tonight’s 6pm meeting.


Borough Mayor Mike Navarre said he stands behind the ordinance which has been amended by his task force. Chair of the task force, Paul Ostrander…


Ostrander: “There’s a significant amount of public concerns that have been addressed by this ordinance, if you look though it very closely and I gave a presentation and, I went though each of the specific points that were addressed with this ordinance and, there are a number of the that specifically address concerns that the public had. I feel like this ordinance much better balances private property rights with the protection of the resource, which as you know, is owned by everyone. So this ordinance has gone a long way to addressing many of those issues.”


No public comment will be taken tonight, since testimony was already taken at the June 18 meeting.

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