Anadromous Streams Ordinance Continues to Raise Tension At Assembly

Posted: May 23, 2013 at 6:03 am

After months of debate, the Borough’s Anadromous Ordinance is moving forward with a public hearing set for June 18. Assembly Member Kelly Wolf, who was elected in October with the promise to…


Wolf: “I’m not going to make any bones about it, you know, the habitat anadromous ordinance came from a hole, and it needs to be pounded back in to the same hole. And yes, I want to bring the whole borough assembly on record, and I’m going to do whatever means I know how, to make the borough assembly, and I’ll be very candid with the other fellow borough assembly members, that I’m going to bring it up at the first opportunity available to have this ordinance repealed and do away with it. If it means stepping in front of the Mayor and task force, so be it.”


continued the push, requesting a postponement on the hearing until August. That motion failed 7-1, though fellow Member Charlie Pierce agreed with the need to see a fiscal note for the ordinance…

Asm. Pierce(Sterling): “There’s a number of individuals that’re very confident that well it’s not going to be very much, it’s going to be fine. Trust me. Well, I don’t trust you. I don’t trust your judgment tonight. And some of us up here claim that we’re fiscally responsible and we’re conservatives and we’re going after that savings, and yet they’re willing to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do this, this is a feel good thing.’ And I don’t feel real good about it. I want a number. I want to know what it’s going to cost and I want to tie you down to something, so that when you’re going forward, when you add four or five more bodies, we can come back and look at the minutes and say, ‘Hey, you said you weren’t going to add four or five more bodies.’”


Public testimony on the topic continued, with residents speaking against the ordinance and the way it has been introduced. Assembly Member Wolf’s ordinance to repeal the ordinance will also be heard June 18th.

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6 Comments to “Anadromous Streams Ordinance Continues to Raise Tension At Assembly”

  • Sweetie says:

    Kelly Wolf came from a hole and he needs to be pounded back into that hole.

    Those of us greenies and those who want to protect the fragile salmon habitat streams and rivers in the Borough need to organize a “RECALL WOLF” PETITION.

  • Joe says:

    How did Kelly Wolf ever get elected to the Borough Assembly?

  • Tim says:

    Kelly Wolf was elected by the voters in his area. The Anadromous Stream Ordinance needs to be repealed.

  • Bill and Samon says:

    “We the people” put our “Wolf” (Kelly) on the Assembly to shake up things that are “usually hidden” or “swept under the rug!” Sweetie and Joe, “just suck it up!”

  • Sweetie says:

    I live in Kelly Wolf’s district and I voted for his opponent. Obviously, he does not represent the majority in his District. He will not be re-elected. Like many far right wingers, he does care about the slamon habitat or the fragile waterfront habitat of our lakes.
    One thing I don’t understand about the right wingers. If you don’t respect the environment and our great natural resources of Alaska, why don’t you move out!

  • Jeff says:

    Bill and Samon:

    I don’t think we’ll have to worry about any of Kelly’s proposals going anywhere. Most of the the Assembley members and Borough residents are more intelligent than that!!! :)