Anadromous Stream Repeal Ordinance Fails

It was standing room only last night in the Borough Assembly chambers as residents came out in droves to voice their opinion as the assembly debated two ordinances having to do with the controversial anadromous streams protection ordinance.

The first item heard on the agenda was assembly member Kelly Wolf’s ordinance calling for the outright repeal of the controversial measure. The assembly took well over four-hours of public testimony on this issue with a wide number, more so than in previous meetings, testifying to the assembly both in favor of and in opposition to repealing the anadromous stream protection ordinance.


Following the comment session, Assembly member Charlie Pierce voiced his frustration over the entire process…


Asm. Pierce(Sterling): “ ..but I believe what we need to do is repeal it, come back to the table with some of the task force measures, bring ‘em back on the table and maybe come up with some reasonableness. Here’s what I’d say to you Mr. Mayor, I want you to educate my constituents, Funny River Road and Sterling wants you to educate our kids, I want you to take care of the roads, I want you to haul the trash, I want you to make sure a fire engine or an ambulance shows up when we need it. I don’t want animal control, I don’t want zoning. My constituents have spoken to me, they don’t want this to go.”


Assembly Member Mako Haggerty, however, spoke to the issue voicing his opposition to the repeal


Asm. Haggerty(S.Pen): “ I know what I like and what I dislike, and what I value. What I dislike is regulations, just like everybody else. I’m affected by regulations, I have to deal with them everyday, and I don’t particularly like it, but I deal with them.?But I know what I value, and i value salmon, for one thing, I value a lot of things, but salmon is one of them and its really high on my list. It’s part of the reason I came here, part of the reason a lot of us are here. And it’s that value that I’m going to accept another regulation and I don’t think these regulations are that intrusive.”


The assembly, right before the midnight cutoff for last night’s meeting called for a vote on Mr. Wolf’s ordinance to repeal the anadromous streams habitat ordinance.

The repeal ordinance failed on a vote of 6-3 with Assembly members Wolf, Tauriainen, and Pierce casting the yes votes.


The assembly introduced the task force’s ordinance 2013-18, to amend certain provisions of the anadromous stream protection ordinance, while aiming to keep concerns of the public in mind.

The assembly postponed this ordinance until their meeting July 2nd.

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