Anadromous Habitat Ordinance Focuses on Sockeye

A large number of local residents testified last week about repealing the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Anadromous Streams ordinance. Many in favor of keeping a habitat protection ordinance mentioned the importance of protecting King Salmon runs. Ordinance Task Force Facilitator Paul Ostrander said this particular ordinance won’t directly impact the Kenai River Kings…


Ostrander: “I’m guessing that there are some of the anadromous waters that are being included that have some spawning, rearing or migration of King Salmon, so in those cases it will. Generally, this will impact more Sockeyes, Cohoes, and possibly some Pink Salmon as well.”


We asked Ostrander about the timing of the ordinance, since red and pink salmon runs are showing strong returns…


Ostrander: “So we could wait. Until those runs are in jeopardy, and then look to do something, but rather than that, we take a proactive approach, recognizing that that near shore habitat is critical to the health of those waters. So, by protecting those now, we can provide some assurance that those runs will continue to remain healthy.”

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