Amendments Made to Seaton’s Barbless Hook Bill

The State House Fisheries committee, last week, continued to hear HB 110, Representative Paul Seaton’s bill regarding the required usage of barbless hooks in freshwater fisheries.

The Homer Republican told us that the committee took up amendments that defined “freshwater,” “barbless hooks” and laid out the specific penalty for a violation were adopted.


Seaton previously outlined the proposed benefits of such changes…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “When there is a catch and release fishery, that you’d use a barbeless hook because it reduces mortality. The object is not to establish more catch and release fisheries, but to make it that there’s more fishing opportunities ’cause if you have a higher mortality in a population that is causing some restrictions in fishing, then that could close the entire season. Where as, if you can lower that mortality, such as with the king salmon last year, if you can lower that catch and release mortality, then that should extend the ability to have those fisheries continue.”


HB 110 was held for further consideration at a later date.

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