Alternatives for Beaver Loop and Spur

Kenai Administrators are continuing to examine options for Beaver Loop and the Kenai Spur Highway which were brought out at this week’s meeting with the DOT.


City Manager Rick Koch said there were differing opinions on the more residential areas of Beaver Loop…


Koch: “There was a wide range of discussion as to what some of the folks in the audience wanted, and it ranged from: ‘We don’t want anything to change, we’re happy with the road in a state of disrepair, because it minimizes the traffic and traffic speed,’ to on the side, folks were very excited about the notion of the roadway potentially being widened along with a pedestrian pathway.”


Koch said residents were given more to consider as well…


Koch: “the folks in the audience learned that the Spur Highway in that section is the second-highest moose accident area in the state of Alaska. I believe it’s 46 percent of all reported accidents int hat area are moose-automobile accidents. It’s like .15 moose per 1,000 highway miles driven is the average, and for that section of the road, it’s ten times that. It’s 1.5.”

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