Alliance Used Hot Dogs to Educate Kenai Peninsula About Oil Tax Reform

The Support Industry Alliance held two community picnics this week, one in Kenai and one in Soldotna to answer questions about Senate Bill 21. We spoke to Rebecca Logan, General Manager of the Alliance, who said that part of the events was correcting common misconceptions about the recently passed oil tax reform…


Logan: “I don’t think it’s a giveaway, because everything is tied to production, so you have actually have to produce a barrel of oil to get the tax credits.  And then with regard to progressivity, which is where we made so much money, you know we took progressivity out completely,  but we replaced it with a 10% increase in the base rate so it offsets that. So I don’t think its a giveaway.”


A statewide group is continuing to gather signatures to put a referendum on the ballot aimed at recalling the newly passed oil tax change.

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