Alaska’s Youth Facing ‘Demoralizing’ Future

Former Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan announced his bid for U.S. Senate today, speaking about how the state of the federal government is affecting young people…


Sullivan: “Our youth, these great Alaskans, have been raised in an era of cynicism and decline; diminished expectations; rancor not results from Washington; selective not principled enforcement of the rule of law; shamefully high levels, demoralizing high levels of unemployment throughout much of America; and leading from behind in a world where our adversaries don’t fear us, and friends don’t trust us. But negativity and cynicism are not what made this such a great state, or America such a great country. Liberty, optimism, big dreams, hard work and self-reliance are what made us great.”


During this month’s municipal elections, we spoke to 20-year-old Chelsea Hart, who said voting was her way of fighting against the cynicism…


Hart: “With the government shut down, we’re seeing a lot of combating between the parties and everything, at least I am, so I wanted to, it might be small, but every vote counts.”


Sullivan said the negative environment in Washington is motivating him to keep a clean, friendly campaign.

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