Alaska’s Senate Delegation Both Voted No on New Gun Control Regs

Alaska’s Senate delegation was united in opposition during this morning’s vote to advance the debate on tighter gun rules. The so-called ‘cloture vote,’ however, passed with a margin of 68-31.


U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski said that more than most states, Alaskans are protective of our 2nd Amendment rights and we guard them as we guard our property and loved ones.  Murkowski called today’s vote unacceptable to Alaskans based solely on the promise that it will be improved upon by proposals that haven’t been fully introduced for public evaluation.  Alaskans and Americans have seen what happens when Congress votes on things so we can find out what’s in them later, and they don’t like it.


Murkowski said that with today’s vote, it’s her hope that Congress will consider effective, straightforward and honest ways to reduce violence by improving our mental health care system, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, and enforcing existing laws.


U.S. Senator Mark Begich, Alaska’s lone congressional democrat also cast a no vote saying, he’s long believed we don’t need more laws restricting the Second Amendment rights of Americans; we need to better enforce those on the books. So he will continue to fight against any new laws which infringe on our rights. At the same time, we can keep our communities safer by keeping guns out of the wrong hands and providing our schools more resources.

Begich said that he said no because he strongly disagrees with many of the provisions of the anti-gun legislation currently on the Senate floor.

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