Alaska’s Congressional Delegation United In Reopening Government

Alaska’s Congressional delegation was united in voting Wednesday for the legislation that ended the shutdown of the federal government.


Senator Lisa Murkowski spoke during a floor speech prior to the vote that reopened the Federal Government



Murkowski: “There’s a deal, and that deal should give America hope but, it doesn’t get us out of the mess that we’re in. I think that we’re still at pretty low approval ratings its going to take a while for us to rebuild any credibility, but I think that the effort to rebuild credibility begins when we honestly and earnestly roll up our sleeves, tackle the big problems, recognize that we have to do it together rather than to retreat into our respective corners and just hope we can get it right without talking to one another.” 



Murkowski collaborated with Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire in advancing a solution that eventually drew the support of 11 additional Senators of both parties.


Alaska Junior Senator Mark Begich said it was high time for Congress to put aside partisan  politics and do the right thing.


Congressman Don Young said he’s witnessed 18 government shutdowns during his time of  service and there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle.  He added that it’s time for Congress to get back to work and put the nation back on a sound economic track.

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