Alaskans to Have Greater Self-Defense Protection

The State house today passed HB 24 on a vote of 33-5, giving Alaskans more legal backing when acting in self-defense. Sponsor Rep. Mark Neuman…


Rep. Neuman(R-Susitna Valley): “Today the House took a step forward again in making sure Alaskans’ rights are protected, that we clarify in our statutes that you do have the right to defend yourself, you family, and your loved ones in any place you have the right to be. That you take the same rights that you have in your home, to protect your family, and when you’re out on the street, if you’re approached by a criminal and if you feel that you’re in imminent danger of your life or injury, that you do have the right to protect yourself.”


The bill would add language to Alaska Statute 11.81, specifying that there is no duty to retreat “in any place where the person has a right to be.”

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