Alaskan Schools Ratings Released

The 2012-2013 Alaska School Performance Index was publicly released yesterday, and Assistant Superintendent of the local district Sean Dusek said KPBSD did well overall…





Dusek: “The school progress piece is very important to us. That’s where you’re taking a look at an individual student, how they scored last year, and then how much growth or gain did they achieve this year, which is different than in the past, because in the past it was last year’s 4th graders compared to this year’s 4th graders, which could be completely different groups of kids with a lot of different background and all that kind of stuff.”


Dusek said the ratings also highlighted some areas for improvement…


Dusek: “We’re going to take a little bit closer look at college and career readiness, particularly Work Keys, that’s a test that our high school kids take that is intended to show if kids are ready for the world of work. We haven’t had a tremendous amount of participation by our kids, simply because it didn’t really have much meaning for them.”

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