Alaska WIC Program Still Unsure On Future Funding

With the federal Government still shutdown and funding still being withheld from federal programs, the Women Infants and Children program of Alaska, which helps families with young children and infants get proper nutrition, are still unsure about the foreseeable future of the program.


We spoke with Family Nutrition Health Program Manager Kathleen Wayne in Juneau about current funding for WIC


Wayne: “They’ve received a grant award that says if we have funding this is the money they will receive, but if we don’t have federal funding then we can’t pay a grantee. We’re just operating as normal right now we don’t have any plans to make changes until we found out some more information about the shutdown.”


We asked Wayne how long WIC can continue operating during the shutdown.


Wayne: “We’re still very hopeful that the government will resolve the funding for the program and the WIC clinic’s are open, we have funding until the end of October.”

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