Alaska Waste Requesting Double-Digit Rate Rise

Alaska Waste says a new revenue study shows its current rates do not produce an “adequate return.” They’re petitioning the Regulatory Commission of Alaska for double-digit rate hikes across the state.


In Kenai, the interim rate increase would be 10%, with a permanent increase of 31%.


In Anchorage, rates would rise 11.45% and in the Mat-Su customers would pay an extra 25%.


Fairbanks would be hardest hit, with some fees more than doubling. The steepest increase would be for a single 32-gallon container weekly pickup, which would jump from around $21 to $69, close to a 220% increase. The interim increase would be closer to 96%.


The company is hoping to raise overall annual revenues from $95,880 to $247,726.


Alaska Waste is a subsidiary of Waste Connections, a company based in Houston, Texas, which operates in 30 states.

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  1. Ron 5 August, 2014, 09:40

    I will discontinue their use. They have a monopoly……………but I can haul it to the landfill myself much cheaper.

  2. Denny Cooper 5 August, 2014, 09:58

    The controversial SB-21, Enstar rate hike, and now this? Qualified Alaskan hire really isnt going to make any difference if this fleecing of Alaska’s residents continues. It is going to make an affordable existence impossible, causing residents to look to other States to call home. Never saw the auctioning off of Alaska to big corporate profits coming. Shame on us for allowing these so called Representatives to assist in the demise of our once great State. Time will tell, see all fellow Alaskans at the polls.

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