Alaska Redistricting Board To Hear Public Testimony Today

The Alaska Redistricting Board is hearing public testimony in Anchorage today. A full schedule of events can be found at:


11 plans have been adopted for public comment. Yesterday, the Alaska Democratic Party announced it had created an interactive map, enabling residents to zoom in on specific locations, to see how they’ll be affected.


To use the party’s maps, download Google Earth for free and load the layer  for each of the maps proposed by the Redistricting Board.  Once users have downloaded Google Earth and the proposed maps, they can see where their home would be located by using the “Search” field in the left toolbar.


On the Peninsula, the Senate district covering Nikiski is the electorate most likely to be affected. We recently spoke with Sens. Giessel and Micciche…


Sen. Giessel(R-S. Anchorage): “Well, I think that a couple of them are pretty dramatic changes. I think that’s obvious, of course, and I wonder about a couple of the maps, how they’re putting like communities together. In other words, the pairings seem to be not with similar communities and interests.”


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “In the past, there’s been a district that encompasses most of the southern peninsula, down to Kodiak, which kept the Central Peninsula all in one district, essentially Nikiski to Sterling. That could happen again. The most likely scenario is probably not a lot of change in District O, which is our district from Kenai to Seldovia.”


Each of the Redistricting Board’s maps is available through these links:

Draft Plan A Map

Draft Plan B Map

Draft Plan C Map

Draft Plan D Map

Draft Plan E Map

Draft Plan F Map

Draft Plan G Map

Third Party Plan – AFFER Map

Third Party Plan – AFFER Revised Map

Third Party Plan – Calista Map

Third Party Plan – Calista Revised Map

Third Party Plan – Calista Option 2 Map

Third Party Plan – Gazewood & Weiner Map

Third Party Plan – Ketchikan Gateway Borough Map & Numbers



If you have questions call the Alaska Redistricting Office at (907) 269-7402.

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