Alaska Redistricting Board Hearing Plan Presentations

The Alaska Redistricting Board has been hearing the details of 11 draft plans which would reconfigure the electoral boundaries for the state…


Presenter 1: “We were able to do that and maintain the map’s overall deviation to a .97 percent. 

Presenter 2: “In this process, with Calista and others, we started with a blank map. We used the digital tools to then apply the Native Corporation boundaries, then move into VTD, which is the Voter Tally Districts.

Presenter 3: “The cultural groups within ANCSA, within our native communities, and we’ve done so in a very compact way. A lot of other maps strive to do this, but invariably end up with long, squiggly sort of serpentine shapes.”


If you’d like to add comment, it’s not too late. Public testimony will be taken from noon to 4pm today at the Anchorage LIO and by teleconference at 1-855-463-5009. The Redistricting hearings are also available at the Kenai LIO or by streaming via


Testimony limited to three minutes per speaker.


For more, visit: Alaska Redistricting Board.


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