Alaska Railroad Expands Freight in Seward

Alaska Railroad Corporation has proposed expanding freight services through Seward, which Seward Director of Community Development Ron Long called “exciting” for the community…


Long: “Alaska Railroad Corporation has just unveiled a proposed development plan to expand their dock to accommodate increased freight traffic, primarily from tugs and barges. Their freight revenue, for the first time in a long, long time, has exceeded passenger revenue, with a lot of extra throughput across the dock over the last couple years and they have a backlog of customers they need to accommodate.” 


Long said the freight which passes through Seward is delivered all over the state, and outlined the specific benefits for the port…


Long: “for Seward’s economy, of course, there’s lots of people working to move that freight around the yard, and there’s inspectors come down and stay in hotels and eat in restaurants. This past winter was a really good example where we had one of Shell’s drill rigs tied at railroad dock over the winter. Our hotels were fuller than we’ve seen them in lots of winters, restaurants were busy, so we as a city received lots of sales tax revenue that we wouldn’t have received otherwise and the local businesses saw lots of customers that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise, so it was a good thing.”

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