Alaska PFD Reports Earning %4.6 First Quarter

A report on Alaska Permanent Fund earnings in the first quarter of the fiscal year are in.


Corporation Executive Director Mike Burns said the fund earned 4.6 percent…






Burns says stocks led the way.  The U.S. portfolio returned 8.3 percent, while the Non-U.S and global portfolios gained 8.8 and 8  percent respectively.


The fund’s other investments also saw positive returns.  U. S. bonds returned 0 point 7 percent and non-U. S. bond portfolios produced  a 0.8 percent return.  Real estate holdings increased 1.7 percent.  The absolute return program gained 1.4 percent and the real return program returned 1.9 percent.


Statutory net income in the first quarter, the amount used to calculate the Permanent Fund Dividend,  amounted to $295 Million.


Burns called it a good solid number….






He says even if statutory net income amounted to nothing this fiscal year the dividend maybe goes up 50 percent.


The dividend is based on a five year average.  FY 14 will replace Fiscal Year 2009 which produced a $2.5 Billion loss.


This year’s dividend was $900.

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