Alaska One Step Closer to Purple Heart State Signature

Alaska is one step closer to being recognized as a Purple Heart State after the State Legislature today passed HCR2 unanimously. Sponsored by Representative Shelley Hughes, it proclaims Alaska as a Purple Heart State.


When Soldotna was named a Purple Heart City, we spoke to Commander Nick Nelson with the Alaska Military Order of the Purple Heart…


Nelson: “It does a lot, because if I’m wearing my Purple heart hat, my ballcap or my jacket, it’s really great when you’re going down there, even kids come up and say, ‘Thank you for your service,’ because they know. And you see that when you’re in a parade and you’re going down there and you’re going by and you got your flags going by and everything and you see this little 5 and 6 year old and he’s throwing his hand up on his heart or he’s saluting or he’s tugging his dad’s arm, saying: ‘Dad, take your hat off,’ or saluting, I love it, I love it. Alaska’s very military-minded. We have a lot of servicemen here active and retired, so it means a lot.”

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