Alaska Minerals Commission Extended To 2024

The Alaska Minerals Commission has received the backing of the State House to continue oeprating until at least 2024. The Commission has been in place since 1986, and was designed to help streamline development of minerals in Alaska. 


The extension took the form of HB 99, and added terms and term limits for appointments to the Commission. 


The Sponsor was Rep. Dan Saddler of JBER/Eagle River. He pointed to the role of mining a part of thestate’s heritage, and said it “continues to provide jobs and economic benefits to communities and regions across the state.”


According to Rep. Saddler, the Commission has helped the Legislature “keep up-to-date on trends, address deficiencies in state processes, and continually adjust to encourage this vital sector of our economy.”


The Commission is made up of 11 members: five appointed by the Governor and three each by the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. If HB 99 passes the Senate, appointees would serve two successive three-year terms.


HB 99 is now heading to the Senate for consideration.


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