Alaska LNG Project Contacting Nikiski Homeowners

Nikiski homeowners have been receiving phone calls and packets in the mail, as oil companies eye their bluff-front properties.


Ted Riddall lives on an acre close the North Kenai Tesoro gas station on the Kenai Spur Highway…


Riddall: “On the initial part, we were contacted by phone, and they just wanted to know what the feeling was in the community about that plant possibly going in, and basically trying to figure out if you would be willing to sell your property. In my initial conversation, I said I’m not opposed to selling my property, but it’s not just a normal piece of property, that I’d have to be in prayer.”


Riddall, head football coach at Nikiski High School, said he got that call on a Tuesday. On Saturday…


Riddall: “And I received a package in the mail on Saturday, as if someone went down to a title company, had all the information to close on your property and sign it and be done with it.”


Riddall said he expected the project to move forward, but was caught off guard by how quickly he received official paperwork in the mail. He said he wasn’t the only one along that stretch of the Highway to receive the packet.


Multiple phone calls to Alaska LNG Project representatives have not yet been returned, but we’ve previously spoken to Senior Project Manager Steve Butt…


Butt: “There’s a couple things about Nikiski that are attractive. We think from a production, long term capability to operate the facility they have a good industrial infrastructure there. We think that in terms of construction there is limited civil work required so its easier to build there. We think we can offload what we need from the inlet and you can access the airport so it has some infrastructure advantages it also has some construction advantages.”

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