Alaska LNG Addresses Forum

The Alaska LNG Project has been making more of a public appearance this week, breaking the silence surrounding North Kenai developments.


Last night, Senior Project Manager Steve Butt addressed the Kenai Industry Update Forum…


Butt: “I’m going to do my best to help folks understand what the project looks like, and how it would work. I’ll try and talk a little bit about how we’ve integrated with Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson. The Prudhoe Bay operator’s done a great job of managing the field up there. We know how we’re going to integrate it, and one of the big advantages we have with this project is Prudhoe Bay has 1,100 wells that we can leverage, and that healthy oil business underpins this gas project.”


Butt said they’ve developed a good relationship with the Point Thomson operator, Exxon Mobil…


Butt: “They’ve invested about $1.8 billion. They’ve got huge infrastructure in place and they’re moving towards production in just about a year and a half. And the combination of bringing Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson together positions us with those anchor tenants to provide the gas that we need to underpin this project.”


The project would see a 42″ diameter line (operating at around 2,000 psi) span 800 miles from Prudhoe Bay to a Liquefaction Plant in Nikiski. From that plant, LNG would be shipped to Asia.  The state would access the gas through five take-off points at locations yet to be determined.


The forum continues today with keynote noon speaker Governor Sean Parnell.

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