Alaska Libertarian Candidates Announced for Primary

The Alaska Libertarian Party has announced their list of candidates for the August primary election.


Chair of the Alaska Libertarian Party Michael Chambers said that last election cycle secured their ballot access. 


Chambers: “We now have candidates that have been receiving, in fact the last election cycle Jim McDermott received enough votes on the ballot to maintain our ballot access for the next two years so we can put our interests into developing candidates for legislative office and so we have them at the federal, state, and local level now.” 


He said that Alaska is district number one across the entire nation.


Chambers: “And that is because Dick Randolph was the very first libertarian voted into office, ever, and then we had three state legislators voted into office about 25-30 years ago and that was Dick Randolph, Ken Fanning and Andre Monroe.” 


For the complete list of libertarian candidates visit


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