Alaska Lemonade Day Workshops

Two workshops in conjunction with the 2014 Alaska Lemonade Day are happening this week.


Johna Beech with the Kenai Chamber of Commerce told us about the workshop with Wells Fargo at the Kenai Visitor’s Center.


Beech: “We will be having our financial and food safety workshop for lemonade day. Wells Fargo will be going over the workbook and the lemonade day packet, talking about how to start your own business, things to think about, getting investors, paying them back, picking a location, what to do with the profits, all that good stuff and then food safety will cover some tips on food handling, selling baked goods, etc.” 


That workshop will happen at 5:30.


Beech said there is also a workshop at Home Depot on Saturday, May 10, to help participating children construct their Lemonade Day Stand.


Beech: “So if you would like to get on the list for that there are only so many spots available, so you can call us here at the Chamber, 283-1991 or give January Yeager over at Soldotna a shout out, 262-9814.”


2014 Lemonade Day will happen June 14th.

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