Alaska Initiative To Prevent Teen Deaths Involving Vehicles

Last week the Alaska DMV announced the launch of a new program sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, designed to prevent major causes of death and injuries for teens on Alaskan roadways.


We spoke with the Jeff Larson with Safe Road Alliance, the publisher of this initiative.



Larson: “The idea is that when teens get their learner’s permit, its ultimately important that parents are involved as much as possible and making sure that teens are driving as much, and in the most broad conditions, as possible so that when teens start driving on their own, independently, they have enough experience and they’re going to crash less”.


Larson said the program will be available through the DMV and highlighted how the program will work.



Larson: “When the teen gets their learners permit, their parents will be handed a booklet, The Parent Supervised Driving Program, which will have information about what the parents will be able to do. The DMV will have all of this material in house and each year we will update this book with current research and if there has been changed in driving laws and the like”.


This program is offered at no cost to the state, the public or the DMV and is all funded through the Ford Motor Company.

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