Alaska Expected to See Larger Salmon Harvest for 2013

Posted: February 27, 2013 at 12:29 pm

Alaska salmon managers are projecting a total catch that is just shy of 179 million fish this year, nearly 30 percent higher than last year’s harvest of 127 million salmon.  That was about five million fewer fish than forecasted.  Pushing the higher catch this year is pink salmon, expected to come in at 118 million fish, 73% higher than the 2012 harvest of 68 million humpies.

The catch breakdown for other salmon species is 110,000 Chinook in areas outside Southeast Alaska, for the big money fish, sockeye salmon, a harvest of  34.3 million reds is projected, down just one percent from last year.  For Coho salmon, a harvest of 3.9 million is just slightly higher, and a chum catch of   22.7 million is an increase of one percent.

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One Comment to “Alaska Expected to See Larger Salmon Harvest for 2013”

  • Delphine says:

    I hope the projected fish count is correct. Last year I was so disappointed to read how the net-setters were restricted to less harvest. Is it better to put them on welfare than to let them earn a good living for their families? Give them a better chance this season. I eat a lot of fish and try to always buy the Alaskan wild catch. I’m just one person but I’m not alone.