Alaska Airlines to Introduce Self Bag Tagging in Four Cities

As of April 21, Alaska Airlines will begin a self bag tagging option for customers who prefer to print their own luggage tags.


Halle Knigge with Alaska Airlines said customers will receive a pre-trip email notifying them of the option.


Knigge: “It’ll include a link to request a tag sleeve and if they do that it will be mailed to them at home. Alternately they’ll also be available at the airport so you can pick one up at the airport on your first time and its reusable so once you have one you can keep reusing it for trips after that.”


Knigge said customers who print their own tags will also enjoy an express lane for faster checking of bags.


The program will start in Anchorage, Juneau, Seattle, and San Diego and Knigge said that the pilot program was started with flights between Seattle and Hawaii.


Knigge: “People liked it it was successful and so we decided to implement this new program so we’re kicking it off in April with those four airports and then we have plans to expand to more cities this summer and late this year.” 

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