Alaska 511 App for Iphones Features Citizen Road Reports

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation launched an Iphone app that allows Alaskan drivers to be able to report accidents and weather conditions.


Intelligent Transportation System Coordinator Lisa Idell-Sassi with the DOT told us about the unique features of the app.


Idell-Sassi: “Well we have a general comment and a report a traffic tool that people can use so that if they see something, delays or an accident maybe closing the road that they want to report to us they can record their comments and then send it to us via email so that’s one unique thing about the Iphone app that no other part of the 511 system has.” 


She also suggested things drivers can report when giving a road report.


Idell-Sassi: “Mainly its those questions of who, what, when, and where so a mile point location, the time, what’s happening and a call back number, if we can call someone back that’s usually very helpful as well.” 


Idell-Sassi said that those emails go to a list of people in different agencies so that the 511 information may be processed and updated 24 hours a day.

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